Friday, January 4, 2013

A little dream

If you could choose a new career path, what would you choose? For me, it's easy. I would open up a business and work for myself. 

There's something to be said about owning your own business. My dad owned his own company for over 25 years and I grew up in that world. I would love to build something from the ground up and pave a culture that I envision. 

There's a vacant corner shop open on Armitage Avenue right near the brown line. Every time I walk past it, I see my little dream. There's 2 sets of floor to ceiling windows that can open up during the gorgeous Chicago summer. The natural sunlight would pour into the shop and glisten on the hardwood floors. I see local students sitting at the window bar typing on a laptop and domed cake stands displaying my sweet treats. 

Have you guessed yet? I would own a bakery called One More Bite. My top selling item just might be slices of my chocolate eclair cake. Cupcakes have had their day in the spotlight and it's time to bring back cake slices and pastry items. Oh, and I would have tea time, because it's the little things that matter. 

I also love watching people in the kitchen. In fact, I prefer to sit at the back table bar at Floriole so I can watch everyone in the kitchen measure, stir/sift/chop/dice/you-name-it and create incredible food. I attended cooking demonstrations by Richard Blais and Amanda Freitag at the Cultivate Festival this past summer. Simply said, I love the joy of being in the kitchen and dream of a little bakery called One More Bite.

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