Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Steal

Excuse my 3 week blogging break. Work has been crazy, but I've regained a normal life again. Now, moving on....

On my way home from work tonight, I stopped by one of my favorite consignment shops, Second Time Around.  Everything in the store is currently 50% off, except green line items (only 10 % off). I snagged a pair of Long & Lean jeans from Gap in absolute perfect condition. The jeans retail for $69.50 in the store, but guess how much I paid. Go ahead, guess. 

$13.00! A whole $13 and they fit like a glove. Now I just have to find a pair of jeans in my closet that I want to donate. We have a household rule that when we buy a new article of clothing, we pick a piece from our closet to donate. Gosh, I can't wait for a good spring cleaning! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cardinal Rule

Living in a cozy (read: small) space requires you to become creative with organizing, decorating, etc. One challenge our household struggles with is who gets to watch "their show" after a long day of work. Our condo can't be more than 800 square feet (let's be honest, 800 sqf is seriously pushing it) and we have elected to have one television in our home. 

I would love to have a nice little 22 inch tv in my bedroom so I can watch the Food Network on Sunday mornings or Locked Up (hey, I was a criminal justice major). However, with only having one tv, the hubsters and I have to work together to decide what the both of us want to watch. You can say our communication skills have improved. Go us. 

We usually agree on an old episode of The Office or How I Met Your Mother. But what if the Bears are playing on Sunday? Who gets the tv? I think it's clearly obvious that hubsters would get the tv to watch his precious football game (I watch the Bears too, but I can't do football all freaking day). But guess what? He also wants the computer to keep an eye on his stat tracker for fantasy football. Seriously? 

Here lies the cardinal rule, as designed by wifey: 

Nor hubster or wifey can control both single modes of electronic entertainment (see: tv and laptop) at the same time. 

That's right. It's pick and choose in our household. We have one computer and one tv; one person cannot control both at the same time. To keep peace, the cardinal rule was instituted. I know hubster doesn't care to watch Ina Garden and I certainly have no desire to watch WWE. I am happy to say that it works out beautifully and I highly recommend it to other couples who live in a confined space. 

I suppose you can guess that since I wrote this blog (on our 1 laptop), hubster has the tv. Go Bulls? 

Monday, January 3, 2011


One perk about working in education is the thrill of starting fresh! I work at a college that operates on the quarter system, meaning there are three "first days" of the academic year (four if you include summer session)! I don't get excited about new years eve/day because I truly run on an academic calendar. I get way more excited about the start of a new school year than I do for ringing in a new calendar year. I love buying new school (er-office) supplies and most importantly... a first day outfit!

Here's to the start of the winter quarter! 

{ turtleneck - XXI, skirt - Ann Taylor Loft } 

What's in my fridge

Just before I left for the holidays, I cleaned out the fridge. Scott and I made a conscious effort to eat as much food in our fridge and cabinets before the week of traveling.

By the time we left on December 22, there was practically nothing in the fridge...

{ just a few winter beers, a jug of crystal light and some shredded cheese } 

{ Scott loves cutting coupons and I love the savings } 

We made a trip to Target and Jewel to stock up the fridge and cabinets after being gone for nearly 11 days. I love a good stock-up trip, but I don't love carrying a million bags around the building and up the stairs to our unit. Ah, city life is give and take I suppose.

{ oj, milk, carrots, hummus, harveti cheese, lettuce, eggs, turkey meat } 

The cabinets and freezer are fully stocked and we loaded up on clementines and bananas, as well. Now that we're back to work, we are committed to bringing our own lunch. Eating out in Lincoln Park takes a hit to the wallet. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Decade in Review


I graduated (times three)

{ high school } 

{ college...sorry, no digital pic from graduation } 

{ Tanya, M.Ed. } 

I witnessed a lot of amazing events....

{ cheered at MANY Cubs games thanks to living in Wrigleyville from 2007-2009 } 

{ watched the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in downtown Chicago } 

{ somehow managed to get 6th row at Obama's election night rally... AMAZING! } 

{ if you look closely, you can see Obama } 

{ I stood in one spot for hours upon hours at the rally... the vibe in the city was incredible } 

I met a guy like my dad...

{ I fell in love at first sight with a guy I worked with in college } 

{ got engaged on the beach I've visited since birth } 

{ said I do in autumn style } 

I've watched best friends tie the knot...

I become a first time home (er-condo) owner...

I learned to love running and the pain, stress and relaxation that comes with it...

{ Race to Wrigley... my first 5k }

{ my first half-marathon in 2009 } 

{ my second half marathon... after I swore I would never do it again } 

{ 2010 Chicago Marathon Finisher! } 

I could go on and on about everything that has happened in the last 10 years, but these are just a few of my favorite memories. I do believe I live an incredible life. Enough said.