Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good!

I think it happens to every blogger. There comes a time when the ideas stop flowing, you get tired of writing and you lose motivation. This happened to me. Twice. I'm so done with the blogger block.

Over the past few months, I discovered some new and exciting blogs. They're the kind of blogs that I sink into my office chair with a cup of coffee in hand,  excited to see what's in store. It's a new kind of love. 

Because I'm not one to torture, here is a list of the oh-so-lovely blogs I speak of: 

The EveryGirl - A total must read. Bonus points for being a Chicago startup. Also, I get giddy when I know we frequent the same places. Julius Meinl, anyone? 

It's tough to say I love The EveryGirl, without saying I absolutely adore the co-founder's blogs, Breakfast at Toast and Live Creating Yourself. The three blogs are seriously a trifecta of fabulous. 

Kendi Everyday - One word: fashion. She's inspired me to rethink how I curate my wardrobe. Yes, curate. Fancy word (see: talk so pretty). I even bought a tunic from her Texas boutique, Bloom

Things That Sparkle - A perfect blend of design and personal blogging at its finest. Adore. 

The Small Things Blog - Come on. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) has seen her 'bouncy curled under bob. Look no further for hair tutorials! 

These are just a few of my favorite blogs. I'm back and it feels so, so good. 

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  1. Good for you! I have found that the more I surround myself with the things I am interested in, or people who are ALSO interested in what I am interested in, the easier it is to write.

    For this reason, I love Twitter. Not for me personally, but so that I can really put a finger on what people in "my industry" are interested in and love.