Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Projects

This weekend, hubster and I decided to make a little list of some home projects we want to do before summer. In no particular order...
  • Paint the bedroom (it's an ugly beige right now) 
  • Buy a new bedroom set (check out the set we found and love!) We found the set at World Market and have a discount coupon to use. We're just waiting to sell our current set to make some extra $$ before we invest in the new one. 
    • Storage bed frame  This frame has 4 large drawers underneath. It will allow us city dwellers to store winter clothes, blankets, etc. It's a must if you live in the city! 
    • Headboard  A headboard rounds out the bedroom and gives it an adult look. 
    • Tall Dresser This will give us more floor space... again, a must in the city! 
    • Another dresser  
    • Nightstand I have to have a place for my lamp and alarm clock.
  • Paint the trim in the bathroom a bright white
  • Buy one more wine rack
    • Crate and Barrel 5 bottle rack  We have 2 of these already hung vertically, but decided we need 1 more. We drink a lot of wine and to be honest, one more will make it look complete.
One thing we've been dying to do since we bought our place back in November 2009, is to hang some artwork. Let me just say, blending design styles with your significant other is challenging. I tend to lean more towards feminine and chic designs and he is clearly the opposite. This is why it has taken us so long to find art we both agreed to. 

We bought a vintage poster featuring the Chicago mass transit lines from a store called Art Effect on Armitage. The best part about the artwork/poster? It was only $6.00! Click here to see the poster.  The poster is an odd size (19.5 x 27 inches). We had to drive all the way out to Ikea in Schaumburg to buy a frame. It was worth it though. It looks great on our wall!

Hubster got started taping our bedroom while I was at a bridal shower today. We'll probably finish in the next two nights after work so we can start painting. The condo is starting to feel like home.  <3 

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