Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New 'do

Thank you so much to blogger Kate at "I Take Photos in the Bathroom" . Not only do I pick up a lot of fashion ideas from her, but she pointed me in the right direction when it comes to my ideal hair 'do.

Kate posted a link from Amy and Lyndsay's you tube page about how to do the perfect 'curl down'.

For years, I've been figuring out how to get curly, yet wavy LC hair. Example: 

 What I love best about this hair style is that I don't have to worry about doing the perfect blow dry. I curl about 10 small sections of my hair, put in a little hair spray and I'm set. It takes me about 5-10 minutes to do the curls. So simple!

Side note: Kate is also the blogger behind Elefantitas Alegres. She posts really great recipes on her blog. Be sure to check out her page. = )

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