Monday, January 3, 2011

What's in my fridge

Just before I left for the holidays, I cleaned out the fridge. Scott and I made a conscious effort to eat as much food in our fridge and cabinets before the week of traveling.

By the time we left on December 22, there was practically nothing in the fridge...

{ just a few winter beers, a jug of crystal light and some shredded cheese } 

{ Scott loves cutting coupons and I love the savings } 

We made a trip to Target and Jewel to stock up the fridge and cabinets after being gone for nearly 11 days. I love a good stock-up trip, but I don't love carrying a million bags around the building and up the stairs to our unit. Ah, city life is give and take I suppose.

{ oj, milk, carrots, hummus, harveti cheese, lettuce, eggs, turkey meat } 

The cabinets and freezer are fully stocked and we loaded up on clementines and bananas, as well. Now that we're back to work, we are committed to bringing our own lunch. Eating out in Lincoln Park takes a hit to the wallet. 

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