Monday, December 20, 2010

Dinner Party

Growing up, I always wanted to host fancy dinner parties for my family and friends. Living in a cozy (read: small) one bedroom condo doesn't really afford me the space to host such occasions. However, we are friends with a couple who love to host get-togethers. Our friend Liz owns a gorgeous 2 bedroom condo in Lakeview and is quite the hostess. 

Last week she and her BF Matt hosted a small group of close friends for a holiday dinner. Liz is the kind of person to pay attention to the little details. As a person who thrives on details, I appreciated all the little things that  made the occasion special. 

{ gold chargers with olive napkins and gem napkin rings }

{ the main course: surf and turf with home made twice baked potatoes } 

I can't wait until I can host more than 1 other couple without feeling totally cramped! Until then, I'm enjoying my cozy city home with the hubby. 

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