Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Ellen

Yesterday, one of my co-workers suggested that we take a staff outing down the the Bean in Millennium Park. Ellen Degeneres had tweeted that she was starting her 12 Days of Giveaways right here in Chicago! I jumped at the chance to win a prize, so we headed over to the Salvation Army to buy a Christmas sweater (per Ellen's request).

According to Ellen's tweets, the contest was to start at 5pm. After waiting an hour in 30ish degree weather, the small crowd was told that we would be going live with Ellen in LA at 6pm. I debated about whether to stay or leave, but I decided to stick it out. 

Between 5pm and 6pm, Jeannie picked out 10 people who were dressed the craziest in Christmas gear. These were the selected few who had the opportunity to win $10,000 cash! There was a couple with the cutest baby standing behind us and they were picked to participate. 

The selected few were given a phone and mistletoe and were told to take a picture kissing a random person. They then had to send it to Ellen and she would pick her favorite. 

Watch this video to see who won: 12 Days of Giveaways

The couple and baby that stood behind me WON THE $10,000!!! Surprise, surprsie. You cannot compete with a baby. As much fun as I had, I have a bone to pick with Ellen. Here it goes...

Dear Ellen, 

Thank you for deciding to kick-off your 12 Days of Giveaways in my beloved city. Chicago is quite fabulous. However, Chicago is also quite cold... especially in late November. With the wind chill, it's about 15 degrees outside. 

I took off work a bit early, ran to the nearest Salvation Army, bought a Christmas sweater (that I did not get a chance to wash) and hustled down to the Bean because you tweeted "Only 30 more minutes, Chicago! Get to the Bean". Of course, I found out that you really meant 90 more minutes. That's okay. I'll let it slide. 

I'm very happy for the Walters family, because their kid is so freaking cute. I'm not so upset that I didn't get picked to vie for the $10,000, because let's face it...I just don't have that kind of luck. However, you said something that struck a nerve with me. You told your audience (sitting indoors where it's surely warm) that you wanted to reward them for being such loyal fans. Not only did you invite them back to another filming, but you gave them some pretty awesome prizes. 

Here's the bone...
I, along with 200 other loyal fans stood outside in the crsip 14 degree weather to have the chance to see you (and maybe win a prize). It sincerely bothered me that you rewarded your LA fans and not your Chicago fans (who by the way earned runny noses and frozen toes) to just watch you on the big screen. 

Okay, we didn't get the Microsoft phone. We didn't get a trip to another giveaway show. To be honest, I would have simply enjoyed a nice hot coco to warm me up. But, nope. No hot coco. I ask you this... The next time you have fans freezing for hours outdoors, can you at least provide a warm-up beverage? Maybe instant hot hand warmers? 

Again, congrats to the Walters. May they enjoy every penny Uncle Sam doesn't take from them. I hope they start a college fund for sweet Mariah. 

Kind regards,

p.s. For your information, someone in the crowd did get a hot coco on their own accord and spilled it all over my phone... which is now broke from water damage. Awesome. Merry Christmas. 

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