Friday, November 5, 2010

Commit to the Belt

I have been pining for a trench coat for quite some time. I finally found one that I loved and that was in my price range. I bought a burnt orange Hawke & Company trench coat from Nordstrom Rack on State Street last month and continue to get compliments on it. I absolutely love it. 

However, I have a major pet peeve with trench coats. Women who buy them should be well aware of what they are getting themselves into when they buy a trench coat. A trench coat is all about the belt. It cinches your waist and can be quite slimming. So, why do so many women simply make a knot with their belt? I cringe every time I see a woman walk down the swanky streets of Chicago with her trench coat belt knotted up. It's a serious fashion crime. 

Ladies, this is the proper way to wear a trench coat. Commit to the belt. Loop it and tuck away the extra belt strap. I guarantee you will not only look, but feel polished and put together. 

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