Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey, Mother Nature...WTF?

If you talk to any Chicagoan, they usually say the same thing. "Love the summers HATE the winters". Allow me to explain.
Today's High: 67
Tomorrow's High: 39
That's a 28 degree difference in a matter in 24 hours. That's Chicago. 

Right NowNext 36 Hours
T-StormTonightTomorrowTomorrow Night
Strong StormsSunnyMostly Clear
T-StormStrong StormsSunnyMostly Clear
Feels Like: 62°LowHighLow
Past 24-hr:
Precip: 0.99 in (est.)
Snow: 0 in
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Precip:
From SSW at 10mph gusting to 17mph
W at 18 mph
WNW at 14 mph
NNE at 11 mph

I can't write a blog post about the weather without addressing the "severe weather" warning Chicago has right now. I just started my new job last week and one of the fabulous perks about it is that I now walk to work (most days). Of course, walking to work has its pitfalls, too. 

Exhibit A

(love the smeared eyeliner) 
It went a little something like this:
I walked about 1/4 mile from work to the Armitage/Sheffield bus stop (after checking bus tracker, of course). As I approached Armitage, I noticed the bus started to drive away. I dashed across the street and literally chased the bus. I was NOT going to wait another 20 minutes for the bus. Luckily I only had to run about 1 block until the bus driver stopped for me. It didn't matter, though. I was already drenched. Much thanks to my umbrella that broke because of a nice bitch-slap from the gusty wind. Awesome. After the bus dropped me off, I still had to walk 2 blocks north in order to get home. Oh, how I just love the rain. 

Happy Monday, folks. 

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