Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lincoln Park Gem

My girlfriends and I love going to BYOB places. BYOBs are kind of hit or miss, but the restaurant we went to last night was great. The seven of us ladies were able to get a table at Zig Zag Kitchen in Lincoln Park. 

Zig Zag was great for a couple of reasons. 
  1. It's BYOB with NO corkage fee. = ) 
  2. The menu is different from most places I usually go. Kind of up-scale, but not really. I enjoyed chicken picatta and linguine for $12.95. 
  3. They give you warm cookies at the end of your meal. Free dessert? Simply awesome. 
I highly recommend the hummus and pita bread dish as an appetizer. It was quite delicious and I'm happy my friend Kara pre-ordered it. 

Last night was a wine kind of night. The seven of us polished off 3 bottles and one Target wine cube. We try to keep it classy, I mean sassy.  There was a large group sitting behind us and I kid you not, a girl brought in a Miller Lite refrigerator keg and set it right on their table. I like their style! 

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