Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vino Deal

A few weeks ago, Scott bought an amazing Groupon. The deal was spend $25, get $75 worth of wine! He and I love to drink red wine during the winter, so we took this as an opportunity to stock up on vino. I'm usually the one who makes the wine selections for our household, but Scott took the reigns this time and picked out 6 bottles to buy with the Groupon. 

A few nights ago, we cracked open the first bottle. I have to say the smell that came from the bottle was not pleasant, but it sure did taste good! I suspect the wine will last us through mid-December. We like to have a glass of wine with dinner a few nights a week. Though I'm not really looking forward to winter, I can't wait to have Christmas music playing in the background, watching the snow fall all while enjoying a nice glass of red wine. Life is good. 

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  1. Hey Tanya,

    I saw that Scott posted the link to your blog on his facebook, and had to ask after seeing this post,, where was the Groupon for. Have you ever been to Just Grapes? It is right around the corner from Ogilvie Transportation center. My Cousin used to be the Manager/wine buyer there, and the wine selection is awesome. They focus on small companies and often buy only small amounts of the same wine at a time so that there is always a different selection! I think you and Scott would LOVE it!

    happy wine drinking,

    Amy (Scott's friend from Lab)