Monday, August 22, 2011

Boat Trip Recap

On Saturday, hubster and I went on a boat with some friends for the Air & Water Show. The trip was, interesting, to say the least.

We arrived at Monroe Harbor around 9:45 am for our 10am departure. Get a load of our tiki boat:

{ aren't we classy? } 
The weather was looking pretty cloudy even before we boarded. We finally left the harbor and it took us about 25 minutes to get out of the harbor and past Navy Pier, towards Oak Street Beach. At this point, it started to lightning but our captain insisted we were okay. "Sail boats are the real ones in trouble" he proclaimed. Well, we noticed more and more boats headed back into the harbor and we were eventually stopped by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard told us to head back in because a nasty storm was about to hit with 60 mph winds. Holy crap. It wasn't even 5 minutes later and our boat was swaying and the rain was pelting our faces so hard we thought it was hailing. Being the drama queens we are, we all were saying "I love you" because we didn't know what would happen. As scary as it it, my friend Matt had a dream the night before that involved our boat capsizing. Did I mention 2 people on the boat can't swim? 

Our captain was able to position the boat in the playpen area where the water was a bit calmer. We then headed into the Chicago Harbor Lock to wait out the storm. The storm let up, but it continued to rain off and on for a few hours. We ended up going up and down the Chicago River for a while.

We were soaking wet and cold from the torrential downpour. At least we had a lot of this:

This made it all better.  = )

At around 1:30 pm (4.5 hours after our departure), the weather finally cleared up for good and the sun came out! We anchored the boat about 1,000 feet off shore near the Adler Planetarium and swam around Lake Michigan (one item off my bucket list!).

I got a little bit of sun, had a crazy good time with some friends and marked a few things off my bucket list.

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