Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little Luxuries

This weekend hubster and I enjoyed a little bit of luxury before the start of a new school year. It was nice to spend time together before we're back to long work days and ever growing to-do lists.

After hubster reffed a full day of youth football games on Saturday, we went out for a bite to eat and enjoyed a nightcap cocktail at Perennial Virant. I ordered the Honey Dipper (served tall) and hubster got the Rango Tango (served over crushed ice). Well, I did not enjoy the Honey Dipper (too much tomato water), so hubster graciously offered to switch. I have to say, I enjoyed the taste of the tequila in the Rango Tango! We were able to snag an intimate booth by the window...pure fabulosity!

Earlier today, we hopped on a bus and headed downtown to use a scratch off coupon we had from Lettuce Entertain You.  The coupon was for $2.00 off at Water Tower Place - Sacred Grounds coffee shop. We shared a sugar-free blended iced coffee and a double chocolate cupcake. It's the little things.

Afterwards, we hit up the grocery store to pick up just a few items. I've been on this kick for caprese salads and wanted to try making my own version. I like to cut my tomatoes a bit thicker and use a lot of basil. I love basil so much, so I use more of it than what is called for. Whatev... I say BYOC (be your own chef). I was surprised how filling it was. What a healthy dish (much needed after the booze/cupcake/blended coffee combo).

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