Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Brunch

Hubster had to work today (boo!), but not until noon. A few weeks ago he bought a Groupon for Bakin & Eggs, a restaurant in Lakeview and this morning we had brunch there. From the outside, it looks pretty small but once you get in it's surprisingly roomy. One pet peeve I have with restaurants is when they jam pack the tables and don't leave any walking room. Bakin & Eggs is different because the space has high ceilings and is quite spacious. They get an 'A' for a visual first impression.

Love the coffee mugs...

I was plain jane and had their buttermilk pancakes. They were extremely filling because they were so dense. I couldn't even finish the 3 pancakes... I had to recruit help. = ) 

We shared their 'Flight of Bacon'... 1 strip each of these flavors: Jalapeno, Honey, Cherry Smoked, Maple Pepper, and Mesquite. To be honest, they all tasted the same except honey and jalapeno. I took one bite of the jalapeno and grabbed the nearest glass of water I saw. It was too spicy for my liking, but the honey had great flavor. Even though the other flavors were not very distinct, I did appreciate that all the bacon had the perfect amount of crisp. They weren't charred and they weren't fatty. It's a difficult balance to find, but the cook certainly did. 

Hubster had a BLT with egg whites. He's a little more adventurous when it comes to food. 

 p.s. Sorry for the blurry pictures. Crummy old iPhone 3.... 

Verdict: I would definitely go back and try something other than the pancakes. Also, be sure to get their chocolate milk. I'm pretty sure they use coco powder... It made a huge difference. Delicious!

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  1. Technology is super funny. Like how four years ago we didn't have camera phones, and now low quality images from camera phones need to be excused. :P

    Love reading your blog, btw.