Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm trying to stick with a new habit of creating a lunch/dinner menu before I go grocery shopping. Last night I spent a good hour reading through some saved recipes and picked out some new things to cook up this week. Here's what hubster and I will be eating this week (lunches will consist of leftovers)...

Stuffed Shells (via All Recipes)
Quick Skillet Steak with Onions & Mushrooms (via Daily Dish Blog & Skinny Taste)
Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken (via Skinny Taste)
Chicken Rollatini with Spinach & Parmesan (via Skinny Taste)

No dinner is necessary for Friday night because we'll be headed out of town for a wedding. = )

There is one cabinet in my kitchen that is filled with things that haven't been touched in weeks months. You know, items that you buy because they're on sale and you're convinced you'll make some great meal with them. Though none of my meals listed above will be created from items in my mystery cabinet, I vow to go through and use the items by Halloween. Honestly, it's mostly side dish items (ex. whipped potatoes, rice, scalloped potatoes, blah blah blah).

What are you eating this week? What are your go to recipes for busy nights?

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