Tuesday, September 27, 2011



That's what I paid to the City of Chicago today.

You want a breakdown? Here you go...

  • $60.00 ticket for being 20 minutes past the 7am 'no parking' zone... I slept in after working a 13 hour day
  • $160.00 towing fees
  • $155.00 city sticker w/ late fees because they wouldn't let me take my car off the impound lot without a city sticker
Also, I am supposed to make birthday treats for a co-worker tomorrow and when I got home at almost 9pm after walking around New Eastside trying to find the impound lot...blah, blah, blah... I digress. 

After getting home around 9pm, I realized I only had 2 eggs and needed 3 for the recipe. I cracked open 1 of the 2 eggs and it was hard boiled. WTF? I have no freaking clue. So, now I'm down to 1 egg. I asked my neighbors if they would donate an egg on behalf and none of them had eggs in stock. FREAKING A!!!! 

The cupcakes taste a bit oily, but I figured I would save the day tomorrow and at least dye the frosting purple... her favorite color. Wrong - I'm fresh out of red food coloring. 

I'm spent. I can't deal with anymore drama today. Goodnight. 

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