Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beer Lovers Delight

Who doesn't love a good autumn beer? Hubster and I ventured over to our spot (see: Rocco Ranalli's and this) last night to claim a You Swoop deal ($10 for $20 food and bev). Side note... I bought 2 of the You Swoop deals. It's a favorite hangout spot. = )

Ok, back to the beer. Hubster and I each had a tulip of their new Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Ale. Hello, autumn. I welcome you with open arms.

Seriously, you would not believe how much the pumpkin ale actually tasted like a pumpkin. It's as if the brew master magically made a can of pumpkin puree (with a dash of nutmeg) into a yummy liquid drink. My tip: only have one. It's a very distinct taste, yet delicious.

What's your favorite autumn brew?

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